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Ray Ray's Knicks Debut

He played about 30 minutes in the Knicks pre-season opener against AJ Milano in Italy. 5 points, 3 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 steals, and 3 turnovers. I wish him nothing but the best, at least until we play the Knicks. Can't wait to see that D.J. vs Ray matchup.

Where Might the Bobcats Trade Felton? Eastern Conference

Fact: The Charlotte Bobcats drafted DJ Augustin, a point guard.Fact: They also drafted Kyle Weaver, who they hope will play point guard.Conclusion: Raymond Felton, the current point guard, is...

Where Might the Bobcats Trade Felton? Western Conference

Yesterday, I went over possible suitors for Raymond Felton's services in the Eastern Conference. Today, we'll take a look at Western Conference teams in need of a point guard of Felton's caliber.U...

NBA Preview: Cleveland Cavaliers

I'm going to preview the other NBA teams a little differently than most previews rock it. You'll see how it works as we go along. For instance, I'll only cover the teams that inspire particular...

A Satisfying Win Over the Hornets Leads to More Questions

Facial HairSometime during the second quarter, when I realized Chris Paul hadn't been scoring, and Tyson Chandler hadn't been scoring, and David West hadn't been scoring, I turned to my buddy...

The NBA: Where Coaches Baffle

Facial HairThe head is at an angle, just like the last facial hair photo, only this time, something is horribly off. Just as the Bobcats tried to do the same thing they did Friday, only yesterday...

The Bobcats Are Better Than This

Facial HairWhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?===There is no way to put this gently. Larry Brown has lost games by playing Felton and Augustin together in the back court. Let's say Brown puts them out there with...

So Long, Raymond, and Thanks For All The Assists

Facial Hair===It's probably time to throw in the towel on Raymond Felton. Not because he can't play in the NBA, but because this is the third coach that fails to believe in him, and he just needs...

The 76ers Are Also Planning for a Brighter Future

76ers fans have a lot to be happy about these days. Elton Brand is the kind of player that with one more elite star by his side could propel the team to a title. While Andre Iguodala likely isn't...

We Beat the Sixers. Now What?

Facial HairThis photo was taken in Paris, summer of 2003. The sun was out, the Seine drifted by in the background, and everyone was happy.===Raymond Felton and DJ Augustin both had their best games...

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