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Recognizing True Talent

Larry Brown and Bobcats' management don't understand what players' true talent levels are.

2008 NBA Draft Review -- Damn, MJ Sucks At This

My friends and I argue about basketball all the time. Allen Iverson's relative greatness is a flash point. We differ on how important clutchness is. However, we all agree that the Bobcats had a...

Avenue Q, The Dark Knight, and the Charlotte Bobcats

My neck of Cackalacky's been dominated by drama the past few days. Most of the Bobcats drama's been tempered by the realization that Emeka Okafor will be extremely difficult to trade. The status...

Do the Bobcats Have a Plan?

Was playing Madden 09 yesterday, and I thought about the Bobcats. (I know, reading about other people's video games is boring, but this relates to basketball, I swear. Stick with me.)I'm running a...

Two Poems on the State of the Bobcats

raging optimistspredict playoff appearancedisgusted head shakeThere are three Bobcats who could be All Stars:J-Rich, Gerald Wallace, and Okafor.None of them are capable of beingthe best player on a...

If Carl Landry Doesn't Stay a Rocket, We Should Send Daryl Morey a Fruit Basket

I like Carl Landry. You like him. Everyone has a reason to like Carl Landry. And the Rockets have no reason to let him go.In some of my fantasies about turning around the Bobcats, we make a move...

NBA 2K9: An Endorsement, and a Reflection on Building a Better Team

NBA 2K9 is the best basketball video game I've ever played. In college, I played a lot with EA's Live series, both on desktop and console. One legendary game, a friend and I shot 32-35 from the...

Larry Brown is a Master BS Artist

The excitement for the new season rises just as the temperature outside drops. I wore sweaters three days in a row, and someone accused me of going all dandy on the world. Pshaw. I was just...

The Bobcats' Roster Mismanagement

There's an enlightening term that every sports fan seems to understand, even if he or she hasn't heard the term before. That term is "sunk cost".Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer does not...

NBA Preview: Charlotte Bobcats (Part 1)

Tonight, the NBA season starts. It will be the Charlotte Bobcats' fifth consecutive losing season. Barring a major roster overhaul, failure is the team's most likely outcome.It didn't have to be...

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