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NBA Preview: Charlotte Bobcats (Part 2)

(Part 1 is just a miserable click away.)If I come off as exceedingly negative about the Bobcats, it's because honesty demands it. They'll probably suck again this year, and that is a burden on the...

How to lose to the Cleveland Cavs

Facial HairFirst things first: The Bobcats were thoroughly overmatched against the Cavs this evening. Their best lineup has a chance against Cleveland's best lineup, but they lose ground rapidly...

A Satisfying Win Over the Hornets Leads to More Questions

Facial HairSometime during the second quarter, when I realized Chris Paul hadn't been scoring, and Tyson Chandler hadn't been scoring, and David West hadn't been scoring, I turned to my buddy...

Goal: Score More Than 80 Against the Jazz

Did you wake up this Friday morning, flip on the computer to check your fantasy football team, and stare, bleary-eyed, at the big, fat, zero BenJarvus Green-Ellis put up last night? Then, did you...

The 76ers Are Also Planning for a Brighter Future

76ers fans have a lot to be happy about these days. Elton Brand is the kind of player that with one more elite star by his side could propel the team to a title. While Andre Iguodala likely isn't...

Who Guards the Guards? Who Big Ups the Bigs?

At Toronto tonight, I'd like to think the game will come down to whether Sam Mitchell will blink first and insert a smaller guard than Anthony Parker--Willie Solomon? Roko Ukic?--to try and deal...

Bobcats at an Identity Crossroads

Facial HairUgly is as ugly does. You don't even want to see the facial hair situation on this one. Let's just say that we do crazy things in college because we're much more impulsive then.===One of...

Don't Trade Gerald -- Heat Game Tonight

"Judging from all the chatter in their locker room, the Timberwolves are convinced that Gerald Wallace will be coming on board from Charlotte, with Rashard McCants and Jason Collins heading to the...

Reactions to the JRich Trade: Collective Bafflement

Reactions from around the web to the JRich trade:Bonnell -- "An executive from another NBA team called my cell phone around nine tonight, to make this quite unsolicited comment on the Bobcats...

I Don't Think the Bobcats Will Have Cap Room in 2010

For anyone who thinks the Richardson trade is getting us sweet sweet cap room, it doesn't. We'll need to trade Diaw, somehow, in order to realize significant cap space, which might be more...

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