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NBA Preview: Charlotte Bobcats (Part 2)

(Part 1 is just a miserable click away.)If I come off as exceedingly negative about the Bobcats, it's because honesty demands it. They'll probably suck again this year, and that is a burden on the...

Beat the Heat With Jared Dudley

The Miami Heat are coming off a sound beatdown of the Sacramento Kings in which six different players scored in double figures. Rumors of Dwyane Wade's return from exile continue unabated, and...

Cautious Optimism and Pragmatic Pessimism

Facial HairThat was refreshing. To get their first win of the season, exhibition or otherwise, the Bobcats thoroughly outplayed the Heat last night. It was an example of the Cats' hitting their...

Pistons Lay the Smackdown on the Bobcats

Facial HairThis is the most ill-advised 'stache I've ever attempted. The Official GF of Rufus on Fire disapproved so much, I hesitate to post it. Oh, well. That game sucked, too.Even without...

Bobcats To Get First Road Win Against Knicks

Yes, that's a prediction in the post title.The Bobcats are headed to the Garden for their second road game. The Knicks will throw a small lineup at them, which bodes well, because I suspect the...

I Admit I Love Chauncey

The Denver Nuggets just traded away Allen Iverson to get back prodigal son Chauncey Billups. On the face of it, while both are excellent players, Iverson is probably excellenter. Former MVP. Still...

The Larry Brown Backlash, In Full Effect

Facial HairSometimes, you can dance in the club, thinking you're having a good time, but really, everyone's just laughing at you as you make weird faces.===The finger pointing. The blame game. It's...

An OT Win, and Now the Celtics

Yesterday, the Official GF of Rufus on Fire and her sister took me on the Black Friday shopping whirlwind, and then in the evening, we went to a friend's house for a post-Thanksgiving leftovers...

The Cleveland LeBrons Are Here

The King is in the building.LeBron James is the only player in the NBA who makes his team a title contender all by himself. Before I get emails from the Kobe defenders, I agree that Bean24 is...

Emeka's Big Game Overshadowed By Wade

All anyone else is talking about regarding last night's loss to the Heat, 100-96, is this bit of wonder from D-Wade.(H/T Ball Don't Lie)I understand. Wade is the big star. Emeka got one jammed over...

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