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Monday Afternoon Link Dump

Moving apartments takes a lot of time and sweat. I don't mind the sweat. The time thing is killing me. However, I'm now walking distance to the Cable Box. Good times.Here's what's happenin' in...

Camby Trade Means Emeka Likely to Stay

The Clippers made a game-changing deal in plucking Marcus Camby from the Enver Nuggets for what could literally be nothing. Rejoice, dear Bobcats fan, for it vastly reduces the likelihood Emeka...

Please Don't Trade Emeka Okafor

I just relocated Rufus on Fire headquarters to Uptown Charlotte. Look out, Alley Cat! Get ready, Cans! Straighten up, Chick Fil-A in the Wachovia building! David's within walking distance!More...

Avenue Q, The Dark Knight, and the Charlotte Bobcats

My neck of Cackalacky's been dominated by drama the past few days. Most of the Bobcats drama's been tempered by the realization that Emeka Okafor will be extremely difficult to trade. The status...

Scattered Thoughts -- Emeka Okafor, First Cuts, Flying

-- There's not much on the Bobcats front this time of year. Seems like the Emeka signing wore everyone out, and now the Charlotte sports scene is collectively freaking out over Steve Smith's...

Examining Emeka Okafor's New Contract

(Note 1: I have no higher math qualifications. I could be off on this. But I do love playing with numbers. Let me know where I go wrong.)(Note 2, 7/31/08: For some reason, I thought I'd done some...

Olympics Basketball Wrapup

I didn't liveblog the Olympic gold medal game like everyone else did, but I did watch it live, in its entirety. Even now, a few days later, I can recall the thoughts blazing through my mind during...

The Bobcats Are Better Than This

Facial HairWhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?===There is no way to put this gently. Larry Brown has lost games by playing Felton and Augustin together in the back court. Let's say Brown puts them out there with...


Facial HairWhatchoo do? Whatchoo do? Bobcats, Bobcats. Whatcha gonna do when Bosh come for you?Shrug your shoulders and make a funny face.===Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.I'm thankful we still have...

An OT Win, and Now the Celtics

Yesterday, the Official GF of Rufus on Fire and her sister took me on the Black Friday shopping whirlwind, and then in the evening, we went to a friend's house for a post-Thanksgiving leftovers...

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