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Where Might the Bobcats Trade Felton? Eastern Conference

Fact: The Charlotte Bobcats drafted DJ Augustin, a point guard.Fact: They also drafted Kyle Weaver, who they hope will play point guard.Conclusion: Raymond Felton, the current point guard, is...

Olympics Basketball Wrapup

I didn't liveblog the Olympic gold medal game like everyone else did, but I did watch it live, in its entirety. Even now, a few days later, I can recall the thoughts blazing through my mind during...

NBA Preview: Cleveland Cavaliers

I'm going to preview the other NBA teams a little differently than most previews rock it. You'll see how it works as we go along. For instance, I'll only cover the teams that inspire particular...

How to lose to the Cleveland Cavs

Facial HairFirst things first: The Bobcats were thoroughly overmatched against the Cavs this evening. Their best lineup has a chance against Cleveland's best lineup, but they lose ground rapidly...

Only Eight Teams Can Win the NBA Title in 2008-09

Before this season, visitors to this site voted on which NBA teams would make the playoffs. I hypothesized that basketball fans would correctly guess 14 of the 16 playoff teams, just from knowing...

The Cleveland LeBrons Are Here

The King is in the building.LeBron James is the only player in the NBA who makes his team a title contender all by himself. Before I get emails from the Kobe defenders, I agree that Bean24 is...

I Think That Proves We're Not as Good as the Cavs... But at Least I Rode a Minibike

Facial Hair"Dwayne, you can get through college half-assed. Richard, you can get through life half-assed. But I'll guarantee you boys one thing, sure as hell I'll guarantee you this: You cannot win...

A Little More on Lineup Flexibility

I did some more thinking this morning and figured it's worth expanding a bit something I mentioned in the earlier post:[Larry Brown is] kind of tied to his conception of what the team should be...

The Bobcats Always Play the Celtics Tough, and It Pays Off

I could have cried. Arguably the best win in the Bobcats' history, they pulled off a 113-106 overtime victory over the Boston Celtics, at home.Let's get the few negatives out of the way, first....

Cavs Beat Bobcats. Did I Mention We Beat the Celtics?

Lots o' changes happening for Rufus on Fire. We're in the midst of changing platforms, and RufusOnFire.com will be back up and running soon enough.===You know how to put together a game in which...

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