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Your favorite project-center, Alexis Ajinca, sent to D-League's Maine Red Claws

Hoping to See Alex in a Bobcat's uni this season? Proably not going to happen anytime soon. Ajinca was sent to the Maine Red Claws for a little D-League action. Hopefully he can blossom in a league most in need of Centers.

2008 NBA Draft Review -- Damn, MJ Sucks At This

My friends and I argue about basketball all the time. Allen Iverson's relative greatness is a flash point. We differ on how important clutchness is. However, we all agree that the Bobcats had a...

Videos of Alexis Ajinca and Kyle Weaver

I've got a few YouTube videos posted below. The first is an Alexis Ajinca highlight video. The second is a Kyle Weaver highlight video. The third is... well, you'll see.But first, I want to take a...

Relax, It's Summer League, or: Bill Plaschke Still Can't Write Paragraphs

I'm on assignment for an event at the Cable Box tonight, and not much news is developing. Until then, dear Bobcats fan, be consoled with the knowledge that Jermareo Davidson has outplayed Alexis...

Last Night, I Was Embarrassed to be a Bobcats Fan

Facial HairThis is what happens when you don't take care of yourself.===I've never been as embarrassed to be a Bobcats fan as I was last night, during that pathetic phlegm ball of a first quarter....

We Beat the Sixers. Now What?

Facial HairThis photo was taken in Paris, summer of 2003. The sun was out, the Seine drifted by in the background, and everyone was happy.===Raymond Felton and DJ Augustin both had their best games...

With Bogut Out, Bobcats Win

The Observer won't tell you the most important reason the Bobcats beat the Milwaukee Bucks last night, 102-92. Rick Bonnell generally does a fine job as a reporter, but his commentary is severely...

Random Thoughts on Tonight's Draft

Prada covered most of my thoughts on tonight's draft, but I just can't let one of the biggest dates on the NBA Calendar go by without saying something so here goes... For me, this draft is more...

Denver Nuggets 2008 NBA Draft Preview

The Denver Nuggets have not been one of the more effective teams in building through the draft.  The only player on the roster who was drafted by the Nuggets is Carmelo Anthony (although Nene and...

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