Diss Raps

Bobcats vs Clippers diss rap

Ben Chris Paul and balls is vicious-like, call the cops and turn him inCup yourself and grab a tourniquet before it's your turn again Yeah, he's a scrub and Blake is a schill for realBreathin in...

Bobcats vs Jazz diss rap

Ben Say word? You're still trying to build around Gordon Hayward?This tanking of yours is staler than a grey turd. No outside haters needed, your fans are mad enoughA roster so bad all the locals...

Bobcats vs Lakers diss rap

Dac Your head coach is the Pringle's guy,for the Cats the basket looks Kris Kringle wide Not a single eye on the court your fans just mingle and crywe're sicker than sickle cell anemia sicker...

Bobcats vs Pacers diss rap

Ben You wanna be number one, nah sound the alarmSurvey says nope and you're boring like Richard Karn Yeah your defense is cool just kidding, that was snarkWe're gonna bum rush the lane and leave...

Bobcats vs Magic diss rap

the Bobcats vs Magic rap gets a very special guest star from Ben's roommate.

Bobcats vs 76ers diss rap

Ben Why must the city of Brotherly Love be the city of basketball hateRoster looks like it was put together as a pitch on basketball Slate About to slice you up and grate ya til you're...

Bobcats vs Mavs diss rap

Dac World's biggest douche, where does Mark rank?Probably first, Bobcats gonna take you to the shark tank Would put you down quick, we wanna make it last thoughMark is the worst Cuban since Fidel...

Bobcats vs Bucks diss rap

Dac When we play your squad, automatic victoryBeer? Nah, your chief export is misery Put your kids to bed, they don't need these violent imagesKemba killin it, and our raps are fatter than your...

Bobcats vs Celtics diss rap

Ben Your team's so bad I think it was funded on kickstarteryou'll leave Cha-city quicker and madder than Dick Harter y'all play ball like rapgame postpartum Shawn CarterWhile we're sneaky and...

Bobcats vs Suns diss rap

Ben I don't know much about Arizona but I'm still gonnatear you apart Chuck D-style, b-ball rhymin' MaradonaBlock ya with hands of God then run you over, You're just childish pests and we're grown...


Bobcats vs Nets diss rap

The other New York team wants some beef and Ben's got the rhymes to put them back in the

Bobcats vs Heat diss rap

Dac The Heat freakin' stinkSometimes their jerseys are pink If I gotta think, Wade is my least favorite guyEven though I hate them, I hope the Heat don't die Because that would be meanI don't...

Bobcats vs Hawks diss rap

Ben forays into narrative fiction rap in today's Bobcats vs Hawks diss rap

Bobcats vs Knicks diss rap, pt 2

New York shall crumble beneath our rhymes

Bobcats vs Raptors diss rap

Forget Drake, the Bobcats should make us their ambassadors.

Bobcats vs Knicks diss rap

Sorry, Kendrick, New York isn't your city either. It's ours.

Bobcats vs Cavs diss rap

Get all the top picks you need, we'll still beatcha in a rap battle

Bobcats vs Rockets pregame diss rap

The best NBA rappin' that'll keep your hands clappin'.

Pregame Diss Rap vs Cavaliers

For the last pregame diss rap of the season, Ben and Dac take on the city of Cleveland with ease.

Pregame diss rap vs Knicks

Ben Open the playbook and let me cookThe Cats will leave ya shook cuz we ain't no halfway crooks And ain't no such thing as halfway contendersYour playoff hopes are nothing but dwindling embers M...

Pregame diss rap vs Pistons

The Motor City gets run over in our diss rap today

Pregame diss rap vs Grizzlies

Dac The Bobcats stepping into Memphis rendering your dirt infertileZach Randolph looks like a fat teenage mutant ninja turtle watch out when Kemba breaks out his patented step back manueverthis...

Pregame diss rap vs Brooklyn Nets

Ben BK, I'm coming for your heart and I've got the dirtiest b-ball rhymesI'm bringing the lime to sprinkle and later they're gonna bring the the chalk outline RIP to D-Will in that last line,...

Pregame diss rap vs Miami Heat

Rhyming fun and photoshopping Erik Spoelstra

Pregame diss rap vs 76ers

Dac The Bobcats got Jannero Pargo now what you gonna do now?Bobcats gonna dismantle your whole dang crew now What's next? Can't score if you drive right or drive leftYour squad has been...

Pregame diss rap vs Bucks

Dac Alright it's cool you guys have got a great defender in Larry SandersRest of the team are some characters that leave us groaning [Groening] like Ned Flanders Nothing on your team is gonna...

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