Ben Swanson

Managing Editor

I write mostly about the Bobcats. I've been a Rufus on Fire member since way back and managing editor since February of 2011. In my past life, I wrote for short stints with Bobcats Baseline and I was once a Charlotte Bobcats interactive media intern. Now I am a journalism school student at UNC-Chapel Hill and cover mostly stories about large burritos and SlamBall. Outside of basketball, I mainly make lots of jokes and listen to a lot of music. Inside of a basketball, it's too dark to do any of those things. (c) Groucho Marx


Bobcats vs 76ers gamethread

Today's tunes: Blade Runner Soundtrack - Vangelis

Bobcats vs 76ers game preview

Charlotte has to take care of business for their last three games, starting tonight, if they want to win the 6 seed over the Wizards.


Bobcats at Celtics gamethread

Today's tunes: "Da Rockwilder" - Method Man & Redman

Kemba out with groin injury, Ridnour to start

Kemba Walker will miss tonight's game against the Celtics with a groin injury as Luke Ridnour starts in his place


Bobcats at Wizards gamethread

Today's tunes: "Delorean Dynamite" - Todd Terje

The value of this season and being playoff-bound

What is the value of the Bobcats being playoff-bound in their final season as the Bobcats? In the context of the last few years, it's been a sight to behold.


Bobcats at Cavaliers gamethread

Today's tunes: "Expansions" - Lonnie Liston Smith & the Cosmic Echoes


Bobcats vs Magic gamethread

Today's tunes: "S.A.N.T.A.N.A." - Diplomats

Bobcats must take care of Magic at home tonight

For Bobcats hunting for a better playoff seeding, they cannot afford to lose to the Magic at home tonight

Potential playoff matchup perspectives: Raptors

We've got perspectives from the Bobcats and the Raptors on a possible playoff meeting! There aren't many disagreements here, but the one major agreement is that such a series would be a long one

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