A Blast From the Past: Which Former Bobcat Would You Want To Bring Back?

(DA -- From the FanPosts)

With Matt Carroll re-joining the Bobcats (actually kinda happy about it), the question has to be asked, which one of these available former Bobcats with the Rufus on Fire community approve of the Bobcats picking up on a veteran's minimum to fill in with our current roster?

Earl Boykins (PG)- Earl never really had the success in Charlotte that he enjoyed with other teams like the Denver Nuggets, but he could probably push the small guards we have on our team now for some playing time and fill in the sixth man role of Boris Diaw isn't here once the season starts.


Primoz Brezec (C)- I always like Primo. Throughout his career here, I always thought he was one of the more underrated centers in the league, ala Brad Miller. I haven't heard from him really since we shipped him and Walter Hermann off to Detroit, but he's still out there floating around, and would/could undoubtedly contribute more than Diop. Not that that's saying anything at all.

Shannon Brown (SG)- Shannon went to L.A. and made me proud, shining on the national stage and picking up two rings along the way. Now, it seems like he's looking for a big payday, which has caused his signing to go pretty slow. I know he wouldn't dare sign for the minimum, but I always loved the energy and hustle he brought to the Bobcats, and we were missing it in the playoffs last year.

Eddie House (PG)- House is still looking for a good situation for him to jump into, so he's still out there if needed. One of the best 3 point shooting PG's in recent memory (he's no Damon Jones though), the Bobcats could use his killer instinct that D.J. seems to be lacking. However, I do remember Eddie House "dissing" the legacy of the Bobcats a few years back, so he probably would have no interest in us as I'm pretty sure the front office has very minimal in him.



Brevin Knight (PG)- When Brevin Knight was bouncing around the league, I wasn't too familiar with him and always thought to myself, "wow, how does this ugly, sorry dude keep getting on basketball teams". When he finally bounced to Charlotte, I came to find out that he was one of the most underrated passing and defending PG's I had ever seen. Instead of wondering how he was always in the league, I began to wonder why hasn't he found a team.


Acie Law (PG)- Acie seemed like the only player in college that actually went head to head with the "dominant" Kevin Durant their last year in college. Texas for Texas A&M was a classic game that I thought showcased an unfound supertalent in Law. It turned out to just be Law having a phenomenal game as he style hasn't translated well to the pro's so far. However, with Raymond gone, D.J. continuing to struggle, and Shaun Livingston 's injury concerns, it might be worth giving him a 2nd look.

Cartier Martin (SF)- Cartier was a great hustle player while he was here. Used to piss me off seeing Larry resort to playing him instead of signing a bigger name free agent for the low to take his minutes, but, IDK, it seemed like you always just had to like him for some reason. As a matter of fact, the only person in the world to probably hate Martin is Andray Blatche, who was robbed a triple double sealing rebound by Martin, who was his teammate at the time in Washington.

Sean May (PF)- I actually thought Sean May would've been a nice boost to us at the beginning of the year last year before we acquired Tyrus Thomas. Remember? When we were flat out desperate for a backup PF. I thought Sean would rebound well in Sacramento, and actually started out pretty well, before bottoming out like he has his whole career. If he can ever keep his injuries and weight under control, he may be able to salvage his NBA career.


Jeff McInnis (PG)- Probably one of the worst players in league history as far as productivity goes, but always seemed to find his way in a Bobcat or Cavalier uniform. He used to come to my old school, Highland Tech in Gastonia, and play basketball with some of my friends there and is a UNC guy though, so he'll always be good in my book. Better than D.J. or Shaun? Doubtful.


Adam Morrison (SF)- Although I always knew Adam wouldn't be worth a damn in the NBA, I never thought he would turn out like he has. He still has value as a player though, and teams are wisely not looking at his lack of playing time on a championship team as a sign that he has nothing left at all. Adam Morrison can be as much as a factor as guys like Matt Harpring, Jason Kapono, and Kyle Korver have been over their respective careers if put in a decent situation. Maybe not having to live up to being a #3 pick in the draft now would do him good as a third SF off the bench? We could always use more perimeter scoring. His defense is just atrocious though.

Kareem Rush (SG)- I look at Rush and Gerald Green as two players that I thought would turn out to be potential greats, but just turned out to be absolute nobodies. He never touched the floor much when he was here (or anywhere else for that matter), but it seemed like whenever he did, he was instant offense. I don't know what it is with these guys, but I think it's become apparent that their work ethic is the cause for their lack of success. Larry wouldn't have it, but Rush is deadly on the perimeter.

Walter Herrmann- (SF/PF) Compared to a poor man's Dirk Nowitizki, Fabio was a deadly threat from behind the 3 point line, was a decent rebounder and defender, and was a hustle guy. What more could you ask for? I really thought Fabio was about to become a star in Charlotte before we traded him and Primo for Nazr and they were reduced back to bench warmer quality in Detroit, who was still championship caliber at the time.


Jake Voskuhl (C)- Really not too good of a player, but really not too bad. I mean, he's better than Diop right? He could actually probably step right in and start for us, being as mediocre as he is. He's a big body though that tries to stay active, so, he can be useful in some instances.

So, which one of these guys would you be the most willing to bring back? Any other former Cats we can call? Tractor Traylor anyone? Didn't think so.

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